Landing page is a target page or a single-page promotional site, which is confined to sell your goods and services. It often opens after clicking on your ad. This is a logical continuation of the ad itself, which is aimed at committing a target action (purchase, sending requests, subscribing to your newsletter, signup).

Such approach allows you to increase the context advertisement efficiency with the same budget, to raise the amount of sales and the output of your company’s special offers, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of online sales.

The main advantage of Landing page is high conversion. From this page, you can get almost 5 times more customers than from a traditional website. A normal website contains a lot of irrelevant information, distracting the customer from making quick decisions. Landing page contains the most important information that convinces the customer to make an order. Landing page can also be created on an existing site by connecting to a specific page, thus increasing its conversion.

Landing page does not require a significant investment, but it can increase the conversion rate. The page accurately aims at your target audience and allows getting many new customers. In addition, you can verify the efficiency of the landing page at any time.

It takes minimum time to create such page, because it is developed by several specialists. The most important information is placed at the beginning of the page. Design is thoroughly analyzed to lead the customer to action bit by bit.